Architectural Powder Coating

At Sweeney & Sherlock, we have been providing our architectural powder coating services from our Birmingham workshop for over 30 years.

Because of its durability and wide variety of colours, this treatment is suitable for internal and external building components and fixtures.

We always use industry-leading spray technology and high-quality powder to ensure that the colour is vibrant, long-lasting, and robust, making it a highly weather proof solution.


With a range of colours available from our workshop in Birmingham, we are able to provide a great range of treatments to all kinds of businesses and building across the region.


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How it Works

  • Shot Blasting

Our architectural powder coating works well for a range metalwork fixtures for buildings. Prior to any of our treatments, we ensure that the fixture’s old coat of paint is fully removed to make sure it is sufficiently prepped and ready for its new coat and colour.

Our shot blasting and bead blasting treatment works to successfully remove the old, chipped paint, to guarantee the best results.

We then prime the surface of the fixture to ensure that the subsequent powder coating treatment, is able to adhere to and fuse to the metal.


  • Powder Coating

Whatever colour you may be looking for, at Sweeney offer a wide range of colours and finishes for your architectural powder coating treatment.
For commercial clients, you may wish to choose a colour that well represents your brand, or perhaps you want to simply enhance the existing colour.

If you can’t see the powder coating colour, you’re looking in our Birmingham workshop, we are able to order the colour you’re looking for, no matter how big or small your project.

With architectural powder coating, not only will you get a vibrant finish, it will also be long-lasting and durable against weather and outdoor conditions.


Past Projects

One of our most recent large-scale powder coating projects includes a fixture at Centenary Square in Birmingham. The globe and the emblems below required a shot blasting prime followed by an architectural powder coating.

We have also carried out powder coating on the balustrades and ventilation grills on both Birmingham’s Brindley Park and The Mail Box, as well as the handrails and balustrades at the Millennium Point Think Tank.

We have also worked with brands including:


  • The Waterfront Merry Hill
  • Coventry City Football Ground
  • The Ricoh Arena
  • The Bull Ring Shopping Centre
  • The Car Phone Warehouse
  • Greggs
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Starbucks


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