Scooter Powder Coating

Classic scooters have so much retro character, and newer models of scooter have that youthful energy that makes them exhilarating to zip about on as you go from A to B. Vintage vespas and Lambrettas were first made in Italy, and they quickly became a staple in British mod culture, coming to represent a fashion movement as well as a mode of transport. Scooter enthusiasts are, naturally, very keen to keep their vehicle looking sleek, stylish, and clean, which is why many people opt for powder coating treatments and scooter refurbishment. At Sweeney Sherlock, our professionals revive the quirky character of classic scooters and enhance modern scooters with bespoke and colourful finishes.


Paint Stripping and Powder Coating for Scooters

In order to repaint your scooter, we first have to remove the old, chipped, or outdated paint from the surface of the metal. We do this by either shot blasting the old paint off, a sort of surface-level exfoliation, or by stripping it using industry-specialised chemicals which do not damage rubber or metal. Once this has been achieved, we can prime the metal and begin powder coating.

Powder coating for scooters like Vespas and Lambrettas involves quite literally blasting coloured powder onto the primed surface and then baking it in one of our purpose-built ovens. This fuses the repainting onto the metal, but not so much that it couldn’t be lifted again with further treatment should you choose a different colour in a few years’ time!


Scooter Parts We Are Able to Treat:

  • Leg shields
  • Side panels
  • Forks and rims
  • Across all models of Vespas and Lambrettas


The Benefits of Powder Coating for Scooters in Birmingham

Classic Vespa restorations and scooter refurbishments allow us to revive the vintage charm or completely modernise your vehicle. Whether you want a classic red or deep blue for a 60s mod-style Vespa or a bright modern colour for your newest scooter, powder coating provides a flawless finish. The colour is seamless, vibrant, and fused to the surface for durability. The sealant and polish our technicians apply ensures long-lasting colour resistant to road salt, though it can still be professionally removed should you like us to repaint your scooter in the future. If you don’t see the colour you’d like at our Birmingham garage, then we will order it in for you to ensure your scooter refurbishment meets your desires.


Choose Sweeney Sherlock in Birmingham

Birmingham scooter refurbishment for Vespas, Lambrettas, and modern models breathes life, character, and your own taste into your vehicle. Contact Sweeney Sherlock in Birmingham today or call us directly on 0121 753 0960 to discuss our classic Vespa and Lambretta refurbishment services.