Classic Cars Restoration

Classic cars are every car owner’s pride and joy. There is no better feeling than having a vintage car that runs smoothly, successfully, and has been restored to its full fashionable glory. Classic cars offer a piece of heritage in motoring history as well as the design of the age, but often run a lot better than their ancestors because of modern enhancements and repairs. Just because these vehicles are pre-loved, however, does not mean they have to look it. With classic car refurbishment at Sweeney Sherlock, our powder coating services help to restore the vibrancy of colour so your vehicle continues to make a statement visually.


Classic Car Refurbishment and Powder Coating in Birmingham

Whether you are seeking racing car red to make your classic MG stand out, a rich, warm oxblood colour for your Porche, or a unique and modern sky blue for your classic Beetle, we have the powder coating colours for you. Better yet, if we don’t have the right colour in stock for you, we’ll gladly order your choice into our workshop and garage. Before we begin this process, our team will provide precision shot blasting to treat any peeling, damaged, or old paint that is to be removed before your new colour and sealant is applied.

We believe powder coating is much better than repainting classic cars, because we are able to bake the fine coloured powder onto the metal and seal it in place with high-quality finishes. This not only provides an amplified colour and high shine, but also durability.


We Are Able to Refurbish:

  • Chassis
  • Left springs
  • Wish bones
  • Wire wheels
  • Axles
  • Brake drums
  • Steer wheels
  • Rostyles


The Benefits of Powder Coating a Classic Car

Powder coating is not only popular for alloy wheel refurbishment. There are many benefits to classic car refurbishment using powder coating, the first of which being that the finish is incredibly durable, allowing you to take your vehicle for many a drive and to many a classic car show. Powder coating offers a high-shine finish, especially with a top-polish, which has been sealed against degradation from road salts. The finished effect is not only long-lasting, but brings character and class to an already timeless classic vehicle.


Choose Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham

Our Birmingham garage has over 30 years in powder coating refurbishment for vintage cars, providing flawless finishes and unparalleled customer service to drivers and car enthusiasts. We use industry-leading equipment to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with your newly refurbished vehicle.

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