Motorcycle Refurbishment

Motorcycle Metal Refurbishment

If your motorcycle has been all over the country with you, sampling rural roads and roadshows alike, then the chances are that it’s looking very loved. Restore it back to its former glory ready for its next outing with the motorcycle refurbishment services we offer at Sweeney Sherlock. We offer a range of metal refurbishment at our premises in Birmingham, from shot blasting treatment to remove old chipped paintwork, to powder coating to get your motorbike’s finish shining and looking as good as new.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we are proud to provide the highest quality of motorbike refurbishment and never compromise on customer service. If you’re looking for a durable, high-shine finish for your motorbike, let Sweeney Sherlock take control and revive your bike’s colour.


Shot Blasting Treatment

Whether you’re looking to restore the body, wheels or brackets, our shot blasting and bead blasting treatment will work to successfully remove the old, chipped paint from your motorbike, making sure it is prepped and primed ready for the full motorbike restoration. In some cases, we may strip the old paintwork with an industry-specialist chemical that does not damage the metal, but still successfully removes old paint. This is a crucial step in the refurbishment because it ensures that subsequent treatments work to their full potential, enhancing the overall result of your motorcycle refurbishment and guaranteeing improved durability.


Powder Coating for Motorbikes

Once your bike’s old paintwork has been stripped, our expert team will treat your bike with our powder coating treatment which will ensure vibrant colour that is guaranteed to be long lasting.

Our Birmingham treatment garage has a wide range of colours to choose from for your motorbike renovation. We coat your motorbike in the powder coating colour of your choice to make sure you like it, before curing it in our made-for-purpose ovens. If we don’t have the colour you’re looking for, we will order it in to make sure you motorbike is finished to your specific requirements.


Choose Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham

If you’re ready to begin your motorcycle restoration, make the right choice and choose powder coating with Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham. With a great number of years of experience and a passion for what we do, we guarantee you are in good hands with our team.

Give us a call on  0121 753 0960 or email to find out more or get a powder coating quote for your motorcycle refurbishment.