Frequently Asked Questions about our Wheel Refurbishment and Powder Coating Services

Yes, the powder coating paint will fade over time just like other vehicle repainting methods. However, it is very durable and should last you long enough before you think about changing your colour with us again.

No, the chemicals we use do not damage the metalwork or rubber beneath and around the paintwork we are removing. It simply removes and dissolves the paint, not affecting the surfaces beneath.

Of course! Our technicians will be glad to re-paint your vehicle using powder coating. In fact, we have a lot of return clients that we have been servicing for years.

Yes. Although degradation happens naturally over time, powder coating is baked onto the surface and is resistant to road salts, meaning you can still take your vehicle out for a drive without worrying too much about premature chips and fading.

We have different sizes of purpose-built ovens, so we can accommodate the size of the metalwork you’d like us to powder coat. Whether this is larger parts or smaller parts, we can help you.

Shot blasting, or bead blasting, involves blasting small plastic or glass beads, or sometimes even sand, to ware away the old paintwork on the surface. This is an industry-standard practice, and doesn’t cause undue damage to your vehicle.

No! While we do a lot of alloy wheel refurbishment for our clients, we are also able to refurbish motorcycles, car parts, classic scooter and classic car parts, and metalwork antiques.

The powder is sealed using our industrial ovens, baking the pigment onto the primed surface. We also apply a polish as an extra sealant and to also finish off your project with a high-shine!

For certain cars and depending on our availability, we can turn around alloy wheel refurbishment within just one day, so you can drive in and out on the same day.

You can find Sweeney Sherlock at 66 St Andrew’s Road in Birmingham, and we are looking forwards to welcoming you to our refurbishment space.