Classic Restorations

At Sweeney & Sherlock, we provide the highest quality of vehicle restoration and metalwork refurbishment. Tony Sweeney has over 25 years of experience in alloy wheel refurbishment and powder coating, helping bring your vehicle parts and metalwork back to vibrancy.


Shot Blasting and Bead Blasting

We provide shot blasting and bead blasting to remove old coating of paint, mill scale, and rust to ensure that your refurbishment takes flawlessly to a clean surface. This not only ensures the best aesthetic appearance, but it also guarantees that your new paint will be far more durable than if you had forgone this treatment. We also provide stripping and polishing as part of our alloy wheel refurbishment and metalwork services.


Powder Coating

Our powder coating in Birmingham is high-quality and durable. We coat your metalwork or alloy wheels in the powder coating colour of your choice before curing it in our made-for-purpose ovens. We offer 150 RAL and BS colours to choose from for your powder coating for alloy wheels and metalwork, ensuring that you receive the colour you were intending. Should you not see the colour you’d like amongst our wide choice, we will order it in for you to ensure our service continues to exceed your expectations.

We provide shot blasting, powder coating, and refurbishment for motorcycle parts, scooters, classic cars, antique fixtures, and more. Contact Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham today or call us directly on 0121 753 0960 to discuss our classic refurbishment services.

150 RAL/BS Colours

Powder coating

Shot & bead blasting priming also stripping and polishing.

Frames, swinging arms, forks, wheels, centre stamps, engine parts, casings, monitoring brackets, springs, alloys

Leg shields, side panels, forks and rims on all Vespas and Lambrettas

Chassis, left springs, wish bones, wire wheels, axles, brake drums, steer wheels, rostyles

Cast iron fire surrounds, water pumps, cast iron signs, rails, gates for scrolling, wrought iron work, mail boxes and bench ends