Classic Furniture and Antique Refurbishment

It’s not just vehicles we service at Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham, we offer a range of metal refurbishment that will help get your antiques restored and looking their best should you choose to sell or display. Perhaps you’re looking to sell on your much-loved antique collection, or you simply want to enjoy your pieces in your home, but think they could use some tender loving care. From shot blasting to powder coating, our metalwork treatments will ensure your sought-after classic furniture pieces don’t spend any more of their life tucked away in storage. We will make sure they’re finished with a durable colour of your choice, sealed, and polished for elevated and easily maintained appearance.


Shot Blasting Treatment

Whether it’s an antique mailbox, some vintage scroll gates or cast-iron detailing on classic fireplace, if you’re looking to restore any sort of antique metal work, the old paint needs to be removed to ensure the best results. Our shot blasting and bead blasting treatment will work to successfully remove the old, chipped paint, and prepare your piece of antique furniture ready for its brand-new lease of life.

Priming your classic furniture is essential for making sure the following steps of the restoration deliver the desired results. After shot blasting the metalwork, we then prime the surface to ensure that the next layer of treatment, the powder coating, is able to adhere to and fuse with your metal furniture.


Powder Coating

At Sweeney & Sherlock, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes for your powder coating treatment. Whether you’re looking to revamp your piece of classic furniture with a brand-new colour, or simply want to retouch the existing colour, our Birmingham workshop’s powder coating services will be able to get your piece of furniture looking just how you’d like it.

Before we cure it in our made-for-purpose ovens, we make sure you are happy with your restored antique piece, then go ahead and complete the restoration. If you can’t see the powder coating colour you’re looking for in our wide selection, we will be more than happy to order it in to make sure your antique piece is finished to the high standard you expect.


Choose Sweeney & Sherlock in Birmingham

With over 30 years of combined experience, we provide the highest quality of classic furniture and antiques refurbishment and never compromise on customer service.

If you’re looking for durable antique metalwork restoration, then you need the technicians and expertise of Sweeney  & Sherlock. Give us a call on  0121 753 0960 or email to find out more or get a powder coating quote.