Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Birmingham


Before diamond cut alloy wheels refurbishment


After diamond cut alloy wheels repair

Diamond-Cut Alloy Refurb Birmingham

Before: These alloys were coated with a black finish that had lost its appeal. They looked dull and faded, so the owner asked for a diamond-cut alloy refurb that would show off the indented pattern.

After: They drove away the same day with fresh diamond-cut alloys and a unique look for their wheels. High shine, clean look and a protective anti-corrosion coating

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Refresh Your Wheels with Same-Day Alloy Refurbishment

Make your alloys sparkle with a high-quality diamond-cut alloy refurb, and drive away the same day. We are specialists in diamond-cutting alloy wheels, providing:

  • perfect, high-shine finishing
  • anti-corrosion sealing
  • powder-coating in any colour

We work from our depot next to The Garrison pub in Birmingham, with great prices and a flexible service. We offer a fast turn-around for most cases, so you can drop off your car in the morning and show off your alloys in the evening. 


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You can easily recognise diamond-cut wheels by their shiny metallic appearance and, looking closely, the fine lines from the cutting machine.


Get a Flawless Finish with Sweeney’s Alloys

We never compromise on the finish or durability of your wheels. You can expect:

  • Perfect, High-Shine Finish
  • Wheels Sealed Against Corrosion & Damages
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Cost-effective Service
  • Years of Experience

 We’re flexible, friendly, and focused on providing the fast, quality service that our customers come back for again and again.

How We Refurb Diamond-Cut Wheels


  1. First, we remove the tyres from the wheels and submerge the wheels in a mix of acid and water to remove any previous paint or dirt.
  2. If there is damage on the wheels we make repairs as needed.
  3. We paint the wheels with the customer’s chosen colour and put them in the oven to cure.
  4. Then we mount the wheels on our specialist cutting lathe machine and remove the surface layer. This reveals the fresh alloy underneath for a high-shine finish.
  5. Finally, we powder-coat and further bake them to achieve a durable finish that protects the wheel from corrosion or damage.


NB. The number of times a wheel can refurbished or repaired is limited to once or twice, as removing too much alloy weakens the wheel.

If you are unsure whether your wheels can be diamond cut, contact us today for a specialist to advise you.


Diamond Cut Alloy Refurb Cost

The cost of our same-day alloy services varies depending on what you drive and the size of your alloys, but we’ll always give you a fair price.

You can get a quote for your vehicle today, either by phone, contact form, or email. 

Call us on 0758 098 5190 to give us the details or fill out the information required in the enquiry form on this page.


Other Alloy Wheel Services

Diamond cut alloy wheels - silver finishIf your alloys have been diamond-cut twice before, we may not be able to use this refurbishment technique again. 

However, you can still get a high-quality, protective finish with alloy wheel powder coating, available in many colours and shines.

We also provide same-day alloy wheel repairs for kerb damage, corrosion and scratches.


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