Powder Coating Process

Steps to Powder Coating

Metalwork Refurbishment & Alloy Wheel Powder Coating, is a process that needs careful preparation. Our expert technicians have perfected the powder coating process to produce some of the most flawless and impressive results for our clients in Birmingham and accross the Midlands.

The Powder Coating Process involves a few different steps in order to gain a high-shine and durable finish.



Bead or shot blasting


This is a process of removing the old paintjob on the surface of the metal. We begin your refurbishment project by blasting very fine beads at the surface of your alloy wheels, antique furniture, or other metalwork to cause a surface-level exfoliation of old paint.


This high-pressure method strips the outdated and faded paint away to leave the bare metal beneath.



Stripping paintwork


Stripping old paintwork involves submerging the metalwork in an industry-specialist chemical, removing the old paintwork without damaging the metal surface beneath. This can sometimes be combined with shot blasting, depending on how stubborn your old paintjob was and how we will secure the best results for your project.





We then prime the metalwork surface to ensure that the powder coating is able to adhere to the surface before we fuse it on top. This brings us on to the very popular method of changing the colour of your vehicle and the next step to our process.



Powder Coating


Powder coating involves applying a high-pigment powder to the primed metalwork surface. We have many different colours of powder for you to choose from, but if you don’t see the colour you’d like at our garage then we will gladly order this in for you.


Once the coloured powder is applied and confirmed by you, we will then place the metalwork in one of our built-for-purpose ovens. We have different sizes of ovens, so whether we need to bake large scooter and classic car parts or just alloy wheel refurbishments, we can accommodate this.



Sealed and polish


The powder coating is fused onto the top of the metalwork, baked on by the high-intensity heat of our ovens. We then apply the polish to seal the colour and really bring its vibrancy to life. This not only results in a vivid and flawless colouring, but also a high-shine finish.



We provide all manner of metalwork refurbishment:



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