Biggest Powder Coating Jobs: Nicki Minaj’s Golden Crown at the MTV EMAs

10 Feb Biggest Powder Coating Jobs: Nicki Minaj’s Golden Crown at the MTV EMAs

Have you ever wondered how big a job powder coating can cover?

Many people think powder coating is just for car parts and bike frames, but the truth is it’s a fantastic method of adding fresh, even colouring to almost anything. We get jobs to coat some interesting items, but the story we’ll be telling for years to come is when we were asked to finish an enormous golden crown for Nicki Minaj.

If you’re a fan, you might remember Minaj’s opening of the 2018 EMA awards. Over a stage filled with cloaked dancers chanting “Majesty”, the Queen rapper descended from the heavens in a twelve-foot bejewelled crown to sing ‘Good Form’. Minaj was later joined by Little Mix to sing ‘Woman Like Me’.

The massive prop consisted of a platform suspended from four posts, on top of which the decorative crown was built. But before the jewels and curtains were attached, the structure was in our workshop getting its regal golden colouring cured.

How did we make Nicki Minaj’s Huge Crown?

At 8m long, 3m high and 3m wide, we have one of the biggest powder-coating ovens in the UK. Accommodating Minaj’s massive crown was easy in this huge oven. Once we’d sprayed every surface with an even coating of our high-pigment gold powder, we manoeuvred the crown in and cured the coating under high heat. The finish was so successful it survived the trip to Bilboa, Spain, without a scratch.

We don’t know what happened to the Queen’s Crown after the show, but we like to think it’s somewhere in her Beverley Hills mansion with an armchair in it.

Check out our great powder coating job on the crown as it comes down from the ceiling in the EMA

If you’ve got an enormous stage prop that needs a colourful, hard-wearing coating, get in touch and ask about our specialist powder coating services. We’re based in Birmingham, so can be easily accessed from most points in the UK. Call: 0758 098 5190

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