What Is Diamond Wheel Cutting?

14 Dec What Is Diamond Wheel Cutting?

Diamond wheel cutting is the process of removing a thin surface layer from the wheel using a specialist lathe machine. The leaves a highly polished and flawless alloy finish.

You can easily recognise diamond cut wheels. They have a shiny metal effect and if you look at them closely you will see fine lines from the cutting machine.

Diamond cut wheels can only be re-cut a number of times, usually 1-2, because every time a new layer of alloy is removed. For a more durable and long lasting finish you could also consider our Alloy Wheel Powder Coating service.

If you are unsure whether your wheels can be diamond cut, contact us today and our team of specialists will advise you or guide you through the process.


  • We start by removing the tyres from the wheels and placing the wheels in acid and water to remove any previous paint or dirt.
  • If there is damage on the wheels we use different techniques to repair.
  • We paint the wheels with the colour of your choice and bake them.
  • We then use the specialist cutting lathe machine to remove the top layer of the alloys.
  • This leaves a shiny and metal effect alloy finish.
  • Finally, the alloy wheels are powder lacquered and baked further to achieve a durable finish that looks good and can protect the wheel from corrosion or damage.

Read more about our diamond wheel Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Service and book.

We offer a flawless finish, with durability, as well as customer service second to none. We are a friendly, flexible company and we never compromise on quality. Contact Us today or call us on 0758 098 5190.

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